Culinary at its finest

A francophile vision of cosiness and elegance in the unique ambience of the Weimarer Land.


in unique ambience

As everywhere else in the Spa & GolfResort, you will find a unique ambience of comfort and elegance in our Fine Dining Restaurant Masters.

Here we offer you a special selection of culinary delights that our chef Danny Schwabe has put together for you. Enjoy mediterranean francophile cuisine with regional products and discover new creations and combinations.



The cuisine

... a francophile vision.

What do painters, musicians, writers, sculptors and cooks have in common? A deep creativity, which is expressed in their works.

For our kitchen team and Danny Schwabe it is the play with aromas, textures, various spices and products, which then offer an artwork on the plate. The guests of the Master find selected culinary masterpieces on their plates, which often surprises, but are always a pleasure.

Sommelier Thomas Stobbe

The Sommelier

... international harmony.

Just as pictures need a suitable frame to look right, so do kitchen creations need a suitable companion, and this is where Thomas Stobbe comes in, who as sommelier will be happy to recommend the right wine to go with your menu.


We would also be happy to take you on a short wine tour, which is perfectly matched to the menu.


The Masters Restaurant is open Thursday to Tuesday from 6.00 to 9.30pm (Tuesday and Wednesday closed).

As the number of seats is limited, we ask for prior reservation.
We are looking forward to your visit and will be happy to take your reservation requests under
+49 (0) 36459 6164-4430 or restaurant (at)