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What do we consider a successful team?
For us as a resort, a successful team means that all employees treat each other openly and with respect. We therefore cultivate honest and sensitive rhetoric, but also demand reliability, fairness and tolerance from all our team members. With trust among each other, mutual motivation and a high degree of helpfulness, we jointly achieve the business policy goals of the Spa & GolfResort, as well as the personally set milestones of each employee. 


This is what our management team stands for.
The management and our department leaders are in open, regular and direct communication with their employees and maintain a harmonious relationship with each other. Reliability, personal responsibility and the joint development of solutions are the cornerstones of our management work. We work continuously on the personal development of each of our employees and on the set service standards for guest-oriented action in our resort. 


How do we define "hospitality at the highest level"?
For us, the guest with his individual preferences is the focus. As hosts we are polite, gentle and unobtrusive and radiate helpfulness. We live the philosophy of the resort in which we see all areas as one unit and think across departments. We not only meet the expectations of our guests, but go one step further within the bounds of our possibilities.


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