Goethe- und Feininger-Course 45-hole
Adults2.100 EUR/ year
Children up to 18 years (with parental membership)420,00 EUR/ year

There is no admission fee.

All usage fees are for a 45-hole golf course with practice facilities incl. DGV card and handicap guide. The change from Feiniger Course membership to resort use as well as the entry as a new member of the GolfResort Weimar Land is possible during the entire season.
With a remote membership, it is not possible to join during the year.

Errors and short-term price changes reserved! All prices incl. VAT.
Usage fees shall be collected by direct debit from the account of the holder of the right of use.

* plus association fees of 40,00 Euro per year
** Residence in 100 km distance, incl. DGV identity card and handicap guide, verifiable by an up-to-date registration certificate or a copy of the identity card