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You have received a recruiting card from one of our employees or managers because you really stood out to us in your work or in conversation. We think you fit perfectly into our team and would like to introduce ourselves to you here. The public information about us as an employer can be found in the tabs above, the important information in brief if you read on:

General Manager Daniel Stenzel

Your smile...

... has impressed us.

Your friendly and carefree nature impressed us. We at the Spa & GolfResort Weimarer Land do not only value friendliness, we really enjoy our work. This is not least due to the fact that we all get along well with each other and therefore only hire employees who fit in with us. Especially the relaxed and benevolent nature of our superiors (e.g. Daniel Stenzel on the left picture) encourages our employees to want to get involved and develop. Sounds interesting? ... then find out in the next section who we actually are ...

One family ...

... one vision


The owner of our resort is the Grafe family - here on the right you can see the family of managing director Matthias Grafe - but there are also three other brothers with their families. They all first founded a company for plastic granulates (GRAFE Group) in the quiet village of Blankenhain near Weimar and then continued to develop. The Spa & GolfResort Weimarer Land, a vacation home for families and individualists, was created as the youngest child in 2013. Here you can stay overnight, play golf, take time out at the spa or pursue a variety of other leisure activities. But that is not all it takes ... meanwhile there are 5 restaurants, which belong to the resort and it will continue to grow, which is why new employees are always wanted... for the kids club, the golf courses, the production company, the kitchen, the rooms, the reception, the office, the bar... the possibilities are endless! The Grafe family not only describes itself as a family, but also sees itself together with the employees as a "big family". They warmly invite you to become part of the family and grow together!


Are you asking yourself who of all these people should actually be your boss now? ... these are the ones here:


Familie Grafe
Owner of the resort Matthias Grafe

Cool Types...

... and that with award!

The managing director of the resort is, as already mentioned, Matthias Grafe. Here is some more information: Mr. Grafe is, if you count all companies together, the boss of more than 450 employees. Nevertheless, he knows everyone and always takes time for a round through his hotel... he has thought up the whole concept of the resort himself, planned and accompanied the construction and together with his wife he has chosen every single item of furniture... a matter of the heart, so to speak.


And now...


Just come over...

and get to know us!



We can tell you a lot. So it's best to experience for yourself that we can be the perfect employer for you. Become a part of our future plans, we would be happy to get to know you better.